Calculating Drying Parameters of Fluidized Bed Dryer Operation for Rice and Corn


  • Lore Joy Alarcio CLSU
  • Lolit Badua
  • Reinalyn Viaña
  • Nemesio Macabale



fluidized bed dryer, corn, paddy, simulator, moisture ratio, drying time, drying rate


This study was carried out to develop a simulation model that can estimate the basic drying parameters of a fluidized bed dryer such as drying time, moisture reduction rate and provide rough calculation of energy required and fuel consumption to dry a given volume of grains. Results shows that drying set up of 1400C drying temperature, bed height of 0.04m and an airflow rate of 2.3 m/s for paddy can provide lesser drying time and higher drying rate with a value of 164 minutes and 68.07 kg/hr, respectively. While for corn, a set-up of 1700C drying temperature, bed height of 0.1m and the fixed airflow rate of 2.7 m/s can deliver lesser drying time and higher drying rate with a value of 45 minutes and 369.9 kg/hr, respectively. The simulation results also showed that using a higher temperature, higher airflow and lower bed height gives a lesser drying time which also leads to higher drying rate. In terms of drying energy and fuel consumption, the results showed that the higher the drying temperature, the higher the energy and fuel consumption is required.


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